“Baal Shiv” Fame Shivya Pathania Mini Skirt Avatar is Making Fans Drooling, this goddess girl has insane beauty

The actress with fantabulous beauty has melted the hearts of millions of people with her extraordinary cuteness and goddess avatar. Shivya Pathania has been seen recently in “Baal Shiv” and apart from this, she has played several characters in many serials like “Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush“, “Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gatha“, “Radhakrishn: Punar Milan“, “Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka” and the list continues.

Shivya Melts Heart in Purple Mini Dress

Shivya Pathania 2

The actress shared some of her most glamourous on her social handle. She looked absolutely gorgeous in this picture. Shivya had a struggling life in the initial days when she was not able to get the roles in serials easily. Her goddess look allows producers to feature her in religious serials.

Miss Pathania Glamorous Shots Make Fans Fall in Love with her

Shivya Pathania 6

The actress went bold wearing a mini skirt which reveals her beauty and this is the highlight of this picture. Shivya never fails to make fans fall in love with her aggressive look.

Crop Top and Pink Lehenga is Cherry on Cake

Shivya Pathania 5

The actress looked super cute while shooting this picture. A few days back, She shared her story when she went to give an interview for her serials role. The director asked her to go physical with him, so it will be easy to get roles. Listening to this Shivya went angry at him and left the office. Upon investigation, it was stated that he was not the official person, someone other was disguised himself as a director.

Shivya Pathania 1

The actress not only won the hearts of millions of people but she has proved to herself that no one can play her role that easily. Her acting skills and her tones are just insane.

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