Isha Dutta Jumped into the Swimming Pool with Vatsal Sheth, Glamorous Scenes Captured!

Isha Dutta Sheth is now a brand on social media, without her presence fans feel lonely on Instagram. Whenever she posts any new photos or reels on her handles. Fans showers lakhs of likes and open their hearts with the warmest comments section.

Recently, she shared some new pictures which got immense responses from her well-wishers. Some pictures were of her boyfriend’s now husband. Some funny comments were also spotted on the same. First, have a look at the pictures.

Ishita Dutta Jumped in the Swimming Pool with her Fav Person –

Ishita Dutta Sheth 2 1

The actress can be seen enjoying her holiday with her favorite person in the universe i.e. Vatsal Sheth. Later Ishita captions “Because aaj blue hai pani pani pani pani …….. 😝”. One person writes in a comment “Where is your wonder car 😂 he can also swim like showed in the movie 😂”. Also, many funny and shameful comments were received as you can expect in this type of picture.

Ishita Dutta Sheth 3 1

The actress is taking full enjoyment in the beaches of Maldives with her husband. Some of the pictures are shared by Ishita on her social media handles.

Ishita Dutta Sheth

Ishita Dutta Sheth gave a side pose in front of the camera. In the thin red color strapped top actress looked extremely hot. Fans were mesmerized and now they won’t take bath for a month after seeing this beauty, just kidding.

Her Song Remix Went Viral!

Her new song with Vatsal got an amazing response with over 2M+ Views and 11K Likes. They created her new version of this song on Instagram and it went too well, many reels star created new reels of this particular song.