Urfi Javed Hide Her Bre*sts with Smartphone Bra, Troller said to Wear Skirt Made with Laptop, Hindustani Bhau Reacted

Urfi Javed is a social media sensation for a year, and her dressing sense is killing the fashion these days. Urfi Javed remains in the headlines for her wired dressing sense. She remains in the right corner of the hearts of the trollers who can’t let her go that easily.

While some fans are showering love on the actress for her dress. She recently shared a video where she wore a bra made with the help of two smartphones and a charger cable. The actress can be seen in a blue coat and pants and no inner garment except her new invention.

Trollers Reacted with Insane Reply

After seeing this, the reaction of the fans was so less so they cannot be seen in the comment though, but some trolls have been highlighted below the post.

One user writes “Niche laptop ka skirt bana lena tha ….pent kyu pehenli 🤦“, another user writes “Kuch time baad ya mobile bhi hat jayega 😂” and the reaction was something similar to these.

Urfi Hide her Private Parts with Artificial Hands

This is the second last reel of the actress which really went viral a few days back. The actress can be seen sitting wearing lingerie with an artificial helping hand covering her private parts. Further, she captions below the post “Helping hands 🙌“.